30 Jul 14 at 2 pm

drawing and waiting for a cheesecake to cook..

24 Jul 14 at 5 am

I now have some small prints for sale on Society6!

You can click to my site »here«

I now have some small prints for sale on Society6!You can click to my site »here«
asker I love your art so much omg I want get some and hang them on my walls!

Thank you sweetie!

Actually, I will be opening some sort of online shop soon-ish, so stay tuned!


 (etsy??  society6?? people, feel free to give me advice) 

13 Jul 14 at 3 pm

Asked by Anonymous

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asker Hello, I wanted to ask you two questions. How do you create your small animation and what tools you use? I want to practice animation for a school project, that will begin as soon as summer is over for me. Thank you for your help.

Hey there!

At first I plan what I want my animation/gif to look like - how long I want it to be and how many frames I will need (for a short animation it is something in between 8-20 frames). 

Next step is to make the frames - mine are hand-drawn (or painted) so it takes a bit more time and effort, but it is worth it! For example for the feet animation I used 2 basic A4 watercolour papers, measured them and cut them in four pieces = 8 frames. With the help of a drawing light box (or in my case, very bright laptop screen…) I sketch all the frames with the help of the previous one under it (this is how they make hand-drawn animations in big animation studios too) to make sure the frames go together. Also depending on what sort of animation you are making, you can either use frames from a video to help you draw (use them as a model or draw through them) or just draw everything from your imagination. Anyway it is good to have some sort of video of the movement you are animating.

When the frames are ready, I scan them and then insert them on photoshop or something similar (Pixlr is brilliant for this - I use it often as it’s free and online). There I cut them and make them match - I also do all the adjustments (contrast, colour correct etc.) at this point.

When the frames are all done and ready, you are ready to animate! You can make it into a video (I haven’t tried yet) or a gif. You can make the gif easily with a photoshop (you can find a tutorial for that with google) or use an online site. Gifmake, for example, is super simple and easy site for that. Insert your frames there, adjust the animation to go the speed you want, click a button and ta-dah, you are ready!

I hope this helped even a bit, and I hope you’ll have a nice time making your own animations!



08 Jul 14 at 3 pm

A little sneak peek of a comic i am working on right now, can’t wait to finish it!

Hello all you lovely followers, suddenly there are so many of you!

At the moment, I am adventuring in England (read: eating fizzy strawberry straws and avoiding watching football), so I will remain quiet for another week or two. Will be more active after that!