21 Aug 14 at 12 pm

There are only 3 copies left! Go go and get yours!

'Dance, dance dance' - flip book

this flip book is so cool i am now playing with it

12 Aug 14 at 10 am


A new flip book/zine, 'dance, dance, dance' , is now up for sale on my » shop « !!

Go and get yours, there are only nine copies!


30 Jul 14 at 2 pm

drawing and waiting for a cheesecake to cook..

24 Jul 14 at 5 am

I now have some small prints for sale on Society6!

You can click to my site »here«

I now have some small prints for sale on Society6!You can click to my site »here«
asker I love your art so much omg I want get some and hang them on my walls!

Thank you sweetie!

Actually, I will be opening some sort of online shop soon-ish, so stay tuned!


 (etsy??  society6?? people, feel free to give me advice) 

08 Jul 14 at 3 pm

A little sneak peek of a comic i am working on right now, can’t wait to finish it!

Hello all you lovely followers, suddenly there are so many of you!

At the moment, I am adventuring in England (read: eating fizzy strawberry straws and avoiding watching football), so I will remain quiet for another week or two. Will be more active after that!